If flowers are ART, then DESIGN is the fertilizer.

In order for a tree to grow properly, produce beautiful flowers and delicious fruits, fertilizer that has a good understanding of the tree's characteristics has to possess the right skill to improve the soil and promote growth, and to keep the flowers in bloom for a long period.
I want to be the fertilizer that can be used in all aspects of a tree’s life, rather than an activator that specializes in only one part, because there are people out there who love flowers.

My design activities and its starting point is to plan with imagination from the beginning (customer’s needs), acceptance (assortment, sales method), transition (VMD and emotion) and results (customer's smile) in one line, in order to seek beauty with thorough organization, and sensibility to society and its era, not using a quantitative view point due to its nature of creating store spaces, but always with qualitative eyes.
I think my field of work is not only limited to aesthetic space, but also to challenge new attempts to embody “the way I want it to be” on behalf of my customers.


Commerce Design Center Co., Ltd.
CEO: Koh Tokushima