Our New Visions of the Future
We create total life spaces with a comfortable
and multi purpose environment.

Our life styles will be changing as our societies create new high technologies and steady safeties.
It requires that we fulfill the need for more specialtists in specific fields, top level planning, and ecological thoughts and awareness.
We have been creating a different atmosphere with business spaces in mind for years utilizing our high quality designs.
With our experience, business data and know how, we can develop new and successful business spaces which we call “Total Create” for our clients needs today and tomorrow.
We keep challenging ourselves to become better specialists to meet our clients needs and to become the best business partners to share our new visions of the future.

Commerce Design Center Co., Ltd.
CEO: Koh Tokushima

今 スタンスを未来に向けて。複合・快適の視点で生活空間を総合クリエイトします。